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A story that is similar to stories like ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’, but in the Bhartiya context…

In the ‘Niyati’ series, the first episode, ‘Karmbhumi’, has been written in such a way that the reader, away from T.V. And mobile screen, is watching a movie on the screens of his imagination.
Along with the story, the author has also tried to introduce the spiritual knowledge of his motherland, Bharat.
This story, from small children to the elderly… will thrill everyone.
Come, let’s move ahead…
On the screens of imagination, watch a web-series…

Intention Determines Destiny. Good Intentions Are Destined For Good And Bad Intentions Are Destined For Evil. But, Change Of Destiny, Is Impossible. Evil, Though, Accompanied By A Crowd Of ill-intentioned People, Is Constantly Engaged In Its Conspiracies, But Goodness, Hiding Its Power, In The Womb Of Time, Waits For The Time, When Evil Starts Crossing Its Limits And When Evil Does This, Destiny Does Not Wait For An Incarnation To Be Born, To Maintain The Balance Of Nature, Rather, It Choose Ordinary People, By Testing Their Well-Intentions, Through Various Incidents and Transforms Them, Into Great Warriors.

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